can i sleep yet?

What are you hoping to find here?

I'm (undisclosed information). I suck at coding and make bad websites. If you don't sleep at least 10 hours a day then we can't be friends.
You're looking at it! Have you spent $15 on a domain for your waifu?
"Anonymous" file hosting, with cute animu girls and some other features like a link shortener and albums. It's really neat and you should use it instead of gayazo.
Fuwanovel Torrents
Fuwanovel stopped serving their torrents from their info page. I didn't like that. So I changed it.
I don't really have any other projects. Catbox is my baby, and if you use it I'll be really thankful. I don't have a Twitter or any other social thing. I do play games though, if you want to hit me up on Steam. Or you can find me on Rizon IRC: cats_

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